Lofoten Escale

After the rain, the sun…. So far so good… Nothing new!!!

Full of motivation I put my feet (only the feet!!!) in the Norvegian Sea : freezing cold!!!! ❄️😱❄️😱❄️ 10° apparently….

And then we settle for few days. We could not not stay in a Rorbuer…. And found a lovely one…


      • Ask one of the local old timers if they have any to share. They usually hang the fish at the time of year when weather conditions are right. You have to beat it to soften it up. A rock or a hammer will do nicely. 😄 Then you just pull the slivers off and chew. You have to eat it outdoors. You will soon figure out why, but it is pure protein. It is an acquired taste and texture, but you have to try it at least once.


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